June 17th

Up at 8am
(8hours sleep, felt well rested. Woke once at 4:30am for toilet)

2 x fish oil
2 x vit D3
44g porridge oats with milk

3 x poached eggs
2 x bacon
2 x pork sausage
1 x small avocado
Small bowl mixed berries
Coffee with milk

Aminos with 500ml water

Trained at 2:15pm
A. Deadlifts felt good: 120kg 5×6 @ 31X1
B. TnG power snatches felt good: 47.5kg x3 EMOM x 10mins
10 x KB swing @ 32kg
Row sprint 15secs @ 100%
Rest 2:30
5 sets
(approx 45secs work per set, total time 13:45)
Felt very good overall, pushed hard each set.

2 scoops progenex whey
2 scoops maltodextrin
500ml water

2 lamb burgers
300ml whole organic milk

3 x chicken breasts
2 x small sweet potatoes
Carrots, green beans and broccoli
2 x fish oil
2 x vit D3

Tea with milk

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