July 17th

Trained 2-3:30pm
A. Back squat @30X1: 10,8,6,4,2
(120,125,127.5,130,132.5. All felt pretty solid)

B. Front rack double KB reverse lunges: amrap in 45secs @ 24KB per hand.
Rest 2:15, 4 sets.
(12,12,14,12. Found these pretty rough as never used KB’s in front rack before but no mechanical issues. Felt my abs big time on these after yesterday’s session)

C. Weighted GHD back extensions @22X2. 4 x 10-12.
(5kg x 10, 6kg x 12, 6kg x 10, 6kg x 10. Haven’t done any GHD work in a long time so kept it light and focused on moving one vertebrae at a time)

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