July 19th

Trained 2-3:30pm
A. Partial deadlift lockouts from blocks below the knee @31X1; 5×5-6. Rest 3:00
(130,135. After both sets I got very strong migraine type headaches and had to stop deadlifting. I took a 15 minute break and drank water and went into the split jerks, headache was still in the background but didn’t get as bad as before. I had more coffee than usual at a breakfast meeting earlier and the weather here is very hot at the moment so I’m putting it down to possible dehydration?)

B. split jerk EMOM 2 reps x 12 @ 75kg
(All fine, no problems)

C. HSPU x 5mins amrap
(25 reps, some strict some kipping, still need a lot more work)

10min amrap @ 85%:
10 x power clean @ 42.5kg
10 x box jump @ 24inch
Row 150m
(4 rounds and 10 x C&J. Felt good throughout, all box jumps unbroken, row fine, after first round I broke the C&J’s into 5 reps, rest 5s, 5 reps, no problems)

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