August 6th

Trained 2-3:30pm
A. Muscle ups EMOM x 3 x 10mins.
(All sets unbroken apart from sets 8&9, missed rep 3 on both those sets)

B1: incline bench press 5,5,5,5. Rest 1:00.
(65,67.5,67.5,67.5. Felt good but couldn’t increase weight beyond 67.5)
B2: weighted chin ups x 5. Rest 1:00.
(24,24,24,24. All x 5)
B3: push press x 6-8. Rest 1:00.
(60,62.5,62.5,62.5. Same as bench- felt good)
B4: bent over DB row x 6-8. Rest 1:00.
(30,32,32,32DB all x 8 each arm)
B5: weighted bar dips x 4-6. Rest 4:00.
(20,20,20,20. All x 6. Tough on last 2 sets)

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