August 26th

Trained 2-3:30pm
(Felt a sore throat and cough coming on over the weekend so upped my intake of fish oil and D3 and vitamin C to see if it would help. Throat was a bit sore and woke twice last night coughing but felt ok during the session. This usually comes on once a year and I just flush it out so hopefully it passes quickly)

A. Clean grip RDL x 10 @ 5020. Rest 2:00.
1. 100kg x 10
2. 100kg x 10
3. 100kg x 10

(All felt good, used straps for grip and needed them by set 3)

B. seated good mornings x 7
1. 60kg x 7
2. 60kg x 7
3. 60kg x 7
(All felt good)
5 sets @ 100%
10 x TnG DL @ 100kg
Sprint 100m (50m out&back)
Rest 4:30.
1. 0:39
2. 0:37
3. 0:36
4. 0:36
5. 0:32
(Felt great throughout, no breathing issues and weight felt good)

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