September 7th

(Throat still a little mucusymwhen I woke up otherwise felt ok)

Trained 2-3:15pm:
A. Squat snatch clusters x Rest 20s/3:00.
Set 1: 60kg
Set 2: 65kg
Set 3: 70kg

(Felt good throughout. Missed rep 2 on 70kg only as i wasn’t concentrating. Hit everything else fine.)

B1: back squat 3×3. Rest 15secs
B2: CTB chin ups x 20 for time. Rest 3:00
(All squats at 120kg. Going from back squats into higher rep chest to bar pull ups was a first, definitely found it different.
CTB sets were:
1. 14+6: 40secs.
2. 10+5+5: 56secs
3. 10+5+3+2: 1:05.

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