October 21st

Trained 2-3:30pm

A. Power snatch max:
(40/50/60/70/75/80kg. Felt pretty good and had 80kg in my head from the start. My PR is 81kg so was pretty pleased hitting 80kg. It’s borderline I know but I put the brakes on it so i think it’s still a power?!)

B. squat clean max:
(60/80/90/100/110/115kg (miss). Clean felt good so went to match my PR of 115kg but couldn’t get under it. Happy enough with 110kg today.)

C. Front squat 3×3. Rest 3:00.
(105kg for each set. Front squat still feels very weak, mainly upper back and mid section.)

Open workout 13.5:
(60 reps. No excuses, just didn’t have it in me today to try best my previous score of 70. Thrusters felt fine but the pull ups felt laboured and slow. Lungs didn’t feel good at all. Really wanted to improve on this but I know there’s still a lot of work to do.)

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