December 2nd

Trained 2-3:30pm:

Woke up feeling good. Really keen to get back moving. The last 3 weeks have been stressful so I’ve just needed to get back into a normal routine. Last week I just hit some light varied movements like back squats, Deadlifts, power cleans, power snatches and played around with skill work like HSPU, muscle ups, double unders and pistols.

A. Squat snatch 12 singles every 75s @ 70kg. One or two misses early on but hit them immediately after, just didn’t feel smooth until after a few sets.

B. Squat clean x 1+front squat x 3+jerk x 1. 6 sets.
All sets @ 80kg. Didn’t want to push these on first session back, all felt very good though.
3 x TnG clean and jerks @ 60kg
5 x box jump @ 24″
Rest 45s
10 sets
No broken sets. 11:00 total time.

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