December 3rd

Trained 2-3:30pm:

A. Push press clusters 5.5.5 x 5. Rest 45s/3:00.
(50,55,60,60,60kg. Felt fine, probably could’ve pushed out to 65kg for the last set but I knew what was coming after so stayed at 60kg.)

B1. Weighted chin up x 3 @ 24kg. Rest 10s
B2. CTB pull ups x 10. Rest 30s
B3. 5 x muscle ups. Rest 4:30
:5 sets
(Set 1: 3:30, set 2: 3:45, set 3: 4:30. Only got 3 sets done as I couldn’t hit the last set of muscle ups, arms were just fried after the last 3 weeks out. Was a bit disappointed with not being able to complete all the muscle ups but I realise 3 weeks out takes its toll and I’ll be back in good shape soon)
15 burpees AFAP.
Rest 2:30
:3 sets.
Set 1: 31s
Set 2: 33s
Set 3: 34s
(All sets felt fine)

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