December 9th

Trained 3-4:30pm:
A. Squat snatch 15 x 1 @ 75kg. Rest 75s.
(20/49/50/60/70. All felt good, no misses.)

B. Squat clean x 1 + front squat x 10. Find max for complex.
(40/60/70/80. Left it at 80kg as I was tight on time and wanted to get the last part done. Front squat is a weakness for me so I probably wouldn’t have had much more in me anyway, maybe 90kg if I was lucky.)

10 x power snatch @ 35kg
10 x power snatch @ 47.5kg
10 x power snatch @ 60kg
Rest 4:00
:3 sets

1. 3:44
2. 4:43
3. 5:14

(Weight wasn’t a problem at all, just didn’t have any ‘go’ about me after the last few days of no sleep and poor food. Really looking forward to putting a few weeks of solid training together though, feel like I’ll have some good performances in me when I do.)

Set 1:

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