January 10th

Trained 2-3:30pm:

A. 1 x squat snatch+3 x hang squat snatch+5 x OHS
(60/62/62/62/62. All felt good, no misses but didn’t want to push any heavier yet)

B. 3 x muscle ups. Rest 45seconds. 10 sets.
1. 25s
2. 40s
3. 34s
4. 36s
5. 2:00 (missed 3 attempts then got the next 3)
6. 45s
7. 53s
8. 49s
9. 58s
10. 59s
(Happy enough even though it was overall much slower than previous attempts. Any good training at the moment is positive.)

20min amrap:
10 x thruster @ 35kg
10 x CTB pull ups
Row 750m
:4 rounds
(paced it as a steady aerobic effort, felt good throughout)

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