January 11th

Trained 2-3:30pm:
A. Power clean x 1,1,1,1,1. Rest 3:00
(100,102.5,105,105,105. Felt pretty good, 110kg is PR so happy with 3 singles at 105)

B. Tng DL x 3 EMOM x 10mins @ 125kg
(No issues, back felt good and head felt good)

10 x KBS @ 32KB
10 x box jump at 24″
10 x AD cals
Rest 2:00
:10 sets
(Stayed in the 1:22-1:27 time frame for each round. Felt like I was recovering ok inside of the 2 mins. Wasn’t able to push as hard as I’d like on the AD but everything was unbroken throughout so happy enough. Really enjoyed the whole session.)

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