January 21st

Trained 2-3pm:

A. Row 500m @ 85%. Rest 2:00. 6 sets

1. 1:51
2. 1:51
3. 1:51
4. 1:51
5. 1:51
6. 1:50

(Intentionally set off at 1:50 pace on each set as I know I currently wouldn’t sustain 6 x 500m @ a 1:45 pace. Average s/m was 22. Felt good throughout though.)

B. AD x 90s @ 85%. Rest 2:00. 6 sets.

1. 23 cals
2. 23 cals
3. 23 cals
4. 23 cals
5. 24 cals
6. 24 cals

(Set off at 250-300W. Similar to the row, i know that if I pushed up to 300-400W for 90 second efforts on the AD6 I wouldn’t sustain it for more than a couple of sets with 2:00 recovery. Happy enough overall. Recovery from yesterday was good, I thought that volume of 32kg KB swings might have my spinal erectors and hamstrings smoked but I felt fine going into the session.

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