February 1st

Trained 2-3pm:

Worked on some snatch high pull+power snatch drills up to 60kg as a warm up for the AMRAP. Felt very good.

A. 20 AMRAP:
20 x power snatch @ 50kg
20 x burpees
20 x T2B
20 x box jump @ 24″

(182 reps or 2 full rounds+20 power snatch and 2 burpees. Felt pretty solid throughout. Was thinking 2 rounds as a target before I started but after I got through the first set of burpees I knew I would beat that. Power snatches were all very consistent, T2B no problem and box jumps all fine. Main issue was the burpees to be honest, just felt like the most amount of work. Never felt like I had pushed too hard and was going to red line but felt comfortable at that 80% feeling. Happy with how it went.)

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