February 14th

Trained 2-3:30pm:
(Felt pretty well rested, calves fine. Still a slight tear on the palm of my right hand from the 40 muscle ups earlier in the week but not bad)

A. Squat snatch @ 75kg. 7 x 1. Rest 90secs.
(Missed 2 silly reps on 2 and 3 but immediately made them on next attempts. 9 attempts overall but happy enough with keeping the bar closer recently and not chasing it forward.)

Video shows 1,3,5,7:

B1: back squat x 5,4,3,2,1. Rest 2:00
(110/115/120/125/130kg. All felt pretty good considering I haven’t been squatting much)

B2: muscle up x 5 for time. Rest 2:00. 5 sets
(All unbroken sets. Wore the again faster gymnastic grips to protect my palm so it didn’t tear open again but was fine. Felt really good. Really confident on muscle up these days, the new rig has made a huge difference.)

Video shows all sets:

C: AMRAP OH squats @ 42.5kg:
(30 reps. I had much more in me but my shoulders started to fatigue. Legs were fine and mid line was fine.)

Rested 3:00

D: AMRAP max strict pull ups:
(13 reps. Again I had more in me but my shoulders were very tired at that stage. Iv done 22 strict pull ups before so I was hoping for close to 20 bit couldnt get near it today.)

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