February 22nd

Trained 2-3:30pm:

A. Power clean+3 x front squat. Find a max.
(40,60,80,90,100,105kg. Felt pretty good. Still feel like my upper back needs a lot of work to be able to get up over 130kg front squat.)

B. Deadlift 3×3 @ 140kg.
(Felt ok. My back didn’t feel like it had much more today, legs were fine but my back just didn’t feel that great.)

15min amrap:
10 x box jump @ 24″
15 x KB swing @ 32kg
30 x wall ball
(4 rounds+30 reps. There was a good group in training so 3 others jumped in on the amrap with me, made a big difference as gave me a bit of a competitive push which I haven’t had in a while. Box jumps no problem, KB swings wer tough after 2 rounds but the wall ball was toughest. Tried to focus on sets of 10 throughout to keep shoulders fresh but had to drop to sets of 5 for the last round or two. Hopefully the same crew will be there every Saturday for the open workouts.)

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