March 17th

Trained 12:30-2pm:

A. Snatch build to tough single:
(Went 40/50/60/70/75/80/85/90kg miss. The 85kg felt good so decided to try equal my PR instead of going for 88kg. Just needed to commit more I think but happy enough with a solid 85kg today.)

Video shows 85kg and 90kg miss:

B. Muscle up tech work:
(Felt really good on the rings today. Hit a set of 8 unbroken before 4 more sets of 5 unbroken with 2 min between each effort. Felt great.)

15min amrap:
15 x Power snatch @ 42.5kg
15 x burpee box jump @ 20″
15 x CTB pull ups

(3 rounds and 15 x power snatch. Felt really good again and paced it steady throughout. Just worked on consistent sets of 2’s and 3’s in the CTB with only 3-5s between each set. Overall very happy and looking forward to 14.4 on Saturday. Happy St.Patricks day!)

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