March 19th

Trained 2-3:30pm:

A. Back squat x 5,5,1,1. Rest 2:00
(110,120,130,140kg. Felt really good. Felt like I could’ve hit 150kg for a single today if I had more build sets to get there but happy enough. Legs felt strong)

B. Grace: 2:58
(Previous record was 3:15 over a year ago so happy enough with that although I’d like to be nearer 2:00 in time. Felt good throughout, need to stop walking away from the bar and just commit more to it. I always mark reps up on the board and then wipe them as I go in case I get confused but after 10 I just kept going as I had a counter there for me. Main stress was quads at the end from all the power cleans and push jerks but I felt like I kept a good rhythm for every rep. Lungs were good too. Felt fully recovered about 3-4 mins afterwards.)

C. 20minute row Z1: 4534m.
(Kept a pace at 2:10-2:12 throughout. Stroke count at 21-22 s/m. Average heart rate was 145bpm. Felt very comfortable.)

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