March 22nd

Trained 2-3:30pm:

Open workout 14.4: 189 reps.

Warmed up as usual and focused a lot on my hip flexors as they felt tight after yesterday’s practice run. Spent a good 45mins getting ready and judged a few people on their attempts on the workout.

I was slightly nervous before I started as rowing isn’t one of my strengths but my plan was to row the 60 cals in 3-3:30, I came home in 3:08. The T2B plan was 10 x 5 with 10secs between sets. I hit 8 x 5 then 4,3,3 as I felt my hip flexors slightly at rep 40. Finished hem at 6:31. Wall ball went by feel and after the first 5 I decided to just hit 5’s and take short breaks without dropping the ball as I knew I’d be picking up 30 cleans next. Finished the wall ball at 8:56. The power cleans plan was to hit 5 reps and stand for 5-10s then do 6 sets. It went slightly out after the 4th set but I kept close to the plan and finished at 12:18. At that stage I was slightly surprised to have 90secs to hit the muscle ups. I decided to just go by feel and hit a triple then a single then 2 doubles and a single on the buzzer for 9 reps.

To be honest that’s the best I’ve felt of the 4 open workouts. I’m not gonna say i ‘should’ve, would’ve, could’ve done more’ etc as I’m quite happy with the result today. It’s the first time iv exceeded my targets. I felt very controlled throughout and after the row I felt quite confident.

Thanks for the patience, advice and coaching over the last while. I really don’t say that enough to you.

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