April 5th

Trained 3-5pm: Ran a fitness competition in the gym today for all my members from 8am until 3pm so wasn’t sure how training was going to go but I ate well and hydrated well throughout the day. Then when the competition finished the energy in the gym was great so I felt really good and ended up having a great session.

A. Squat snatch: build to tough single:
40/50/60/70/80/83/86/88 miss. Felt good but after I missed 88 I left it there.

B. Back squat 5 x 6-8 @ 22X1. Rest 2:00
(60/70/80/90/100. All x 8. Felt good but didn’t push on these)

C. 40 muscle ups: 9:30.
(I know you said this wasn’t for time but I felt very good and hit a set of 10 unbroken in 0:39 and then worked on sets of 3 until I hit 40. Finished it a lot faster than I thought so was really happy with this. Worked on catching higher up in the rings and not catching in the bottom of the dip when I felt fresh. Felt great.)

3 min amrap:
3 x thruster @ 60kg
3 x CTB pull ups

Rest 9:00

:3 sets.

1. 5 rounds
2. 5 rounds
3. 5 rounds
(Felt good here but paced it steady as I wasn’t sure what to expect off this after the muscle ups. Felt good though)

Video shows round 1:

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