7th May

Food log: not a good day, didn’t eat nearly enough, and far too long a gap between meals. I had a really busy morning from 10-1:30pm and then went straight into training. Was just under prepared today but won’t happen again.

Up at 8am.
Glass of water
2 x Purepharma fish oil
2 x Purepharma a vit D3

3 x poached eggs
3 x bacon
Half avocado
Slice of sour dough toast
Cup of tea

Amino energy with 300ml water

2 scoops whey protein (48g)
1 x banana
6 spoons organic yogurt

Half roast chicken
2 x roasted sweet potatoes
Mixed greens- broccoli, green beans, pak choi and peppers
Glass water
2 x Purepharma fish oil
2 x vit D3

4 spoons Ice cream

Cup of tea with full fat milk

3 x Purepharma ZMA

Trained 2-4:30pm:
A. Deadlift 3 x 5 @ 31X1. Rest 3:00
(60/80/100/120/130kg. Stayed at 130kg for all sets. Movement felt good by the third set, slowly gaining confidence again in the DL)

B. Clean pull 5 x 5. Rest 3:00
(60/80/90/100/107/112.5kg. Just added 2.5kg to Saturdays 5×5 clean pulls. Felt good.)

C. Split jerk 10 x 1 @ 75%: 85kg. Rest 2:00
(40/60/70/80/85kg. All felt great, footwork felt sharp and really enjoyed them.)

D1: tng power clean x 5. Rest 30secs
D2: bench press x 5. Rest 3:00.
:5 sets

(70/75/80/85/85kg. Session was 2 hours in at this stage but still felt ok. If it was earlier in the session I think I would’ve pushed up towards 87-90kg for the power cleans but felt 82.5kg was enough to get what I wanted out of the session. Haven’t benched like this before, while breathing a little bit but was good. All time 1RM bench is 105kg so 85kg felt heavy enough for this couplet. Really enjoyed it too.)

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