9th May

Food log:

Up at 8am.

Bowl of porridge 35g
2 spoons honey
Glass water
2 x Purepharma fish oil
2 x Purepharma vit D3

3 x poached eggs
3 x bacon
Half avocado
Slice sour dough toast
Small bowl strawberries
Cup of tea

Cup of coffee with full fat cream

2 scoops whey protein (48g)
500ml water

Bowl of tomatoe and basil soup
Mixed leave salad
Tuna and ham mixed through
2 spoons Olive oil
2 spoons balsamic vinegar

Handful of mixed nuts (cashews, almonds, pecans, Brazils) and raisins

3 chicken breasts
1 x Sweet potato
5 x baby boiled white potatoes
Mixed greens (broccoli, pak choi)
Glass water
2 x Purepharma fish oil
2 x Purepharma vit D3

Cup of tea with full fat milk
3 x homemade coconut flour and dark chocolate cookies

3 x Purepharma ZMA
Glass water

Trained 2-3:30pm:

A. 3 x tng DL @ 125kg EMOM x 10mins.
(Felt good, gaining more confidence on DL’s)

B. Hang squat clean clusters x 2.2.2. Rest 20s/3:00.
(70/75/77.5/89/82.5kg. All felt good, should have started closer to 80kg though. Will know for next time. Quads felt last set)

15 x unbroken KBS @ 32KB
30 x unbroken wall ball
Rest 3-5:00
:5 sets
(Got through 3 sets unbroken but couldn’t keep the wall ball unbroken after that. Lungs slightly but mainly shoulder fatigue even with 5mins rest. Not too happy with it but I guess it’s early days.)
1. 1:45
2. 1:50
3. 1:55
4. 2:10
5. 2:20

Set 1:

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