16th May

Trained 2-3:30pm:

A. Tng DL x 3 @ 127.5kg. EMOM x 10mins.
(All felt good, no problems)

Video shows sets 1,5&10:

B. Thrusters x 10 @ 42.5kg. Rest as needed. 6 sets
(All felt good. Rested about 90secs to 2:00 between sets)

C. 10 x tng power snatch @ 42.5kg
Prowler push x 50m.
Rest 4:00
:3 sets

1. 1:00
2. 0:57
3. 0:59

(Used the prowler indoors on the rubber matting so didn’t have to add weight to it. Quads and lungs felt it by the third set but felt good overall.)

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