23rd May

Trained 2-3:30:

8- Felt good going into today’s session. Felt fully recovered from Wednesdays training and eager to get stuck into the new program design. Sleep has been good and stress has been low since coming home from holidays and getting back into work, coaching and training.

A. Fat grip strict press 5×5. Rest 2:00
(45,47.5,50,50,50kg. Felt very different as I haven’t used the grips before for presses but felt good by set 5)

Set 3/5:

B1: AMRAP strict HSPU x 60secs. Rest 30secs.
(11/10/10/10/10. Focused on sets of 2’s and 3’s only. Lots of work to do to improve these though I think.)
B2: 2 x legless rope climbs for time. Rest 3:00. 5 sets
(23s/20s/20s/18s/17s. These all felt fine, got better as I went. I’m comfortable enough with rope climbing, normal or legless but can always improve)

Set 1:

Set 5:

10 x burpee
12 x CTB pull ups
14 x box jump @ 30″
Rest 4:00
:6 sets

1: 1:32 (12 unbroken pull ups)
2: 1:44 (6+6)
3: 1:39 (7+5)
4: 1:38 (7+5)
5: 1:42 (7+5)
6: 1:34 (12 unbroken)

This was tough enough but I feel like I paced it well and only took 2-3s when I broke the pull ups on sets 2-5. Happy enough with it.

Sets 1&6:

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