3rd June

8- felt pretty good today going into the session. Although when I got up out of bed this morning my glutes felt like I’d been kicked up and down the road all night! The lunges hit me pretty hard but after I got warmed up for the session and got moving I was fine.

Trained 2-3:30pm:

A. 8 x burpees
16 x box jumps @ 24″
8 x burpees
Rest 2:30
:5 sets

(1:32/1:36/1:33/1:32/1:35. Felt pretty consistent throughout.)

B. 8 x burpee over rower
40s row @ 100%
8 x burpee over rower
Rest 2:30
:5 sets

(1:55/1:55/1:58/1:54/1:54. Same as previous 5 sets, felt pretty solid and times didn’t deviate much from first set.)

C. AD x 90s.
(Hit 33 cals. Kept it around 350W for the 90secs, quads blew up before my lungs at that pace but managed to hit the 90secs without dropping off pace.)

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