June 10th

8- felt much better this morning. Elbows still tired but not as bad as yesterday. Today’s session definitely didn’t feel as demanding on me as I thought it would be. Food was back to normal and slept well. No problem with knee or quad after yesterday 1&1/4 squats either.

A. Snatch pulls 5×5. Rest 2:00
(40/60/80/90/95kg. Hit all 5 sets at 95kg. Felt good. No problems.)

B. Good mornings @ 3111; 5 x 8-10. Rest 90s.
(All sets @ 45kg, 30% of my max back squat. Felt good, hamstrings and lower back were working hard by the last set.)

C. Single leg single arm RDL x 10L+10R. Rest 60s between legs.
(16DB, 18DB, 20DB. All felt good.)

5 rounds for time:
15 x unbroken Russian swings @ 32KB
45 x DU
(7:31. Swings were no problem, DU’s weren’t great, broke all sets at least once. Lungs felt a little sluggish but enjoyed it.)

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