June 25th

8- felt great today. Woke up feeling well rested and was looking forward to retesting the swing/burpee workout as it’s been pretty much a year since I did it during initial testing.

A. 2″ Deficit clean pulls x 3,3,3,3,3. Rest 2:00
(100/105/110/110/110kg. Felt good, lower back has been feeling a lot stronger recently.)

B. Snatch grip RDL 3 x 3 @ 3321. Rest 3:00
(90/95/100kg. All felt good, should’ve gone heavier from the start though.)

C. Deadlift 3×3. Rest 3:00
(140/145/150kg. Best my deadlift has felt in a longtime. Much more confidence now.)

25 x KB swings @ 32KB
25 x burpees
:3 rounds for time.
(8:57. Really happy with this result. Took 3:26 off my initial time on this 12 months ago. Felt very much in control of my breathing and pace throughout the whole test. I wanted to go sub 10mins but knew after the first round I could go sub 9mins. Could’ve pushed harder on the burpees overall but wanted to get the first 2 sets of swings unbroken so paced it for that then pushed a faster pace on the last set of burpees.)

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