July 22nd

8- felt good today. Back felt strong the snatch pulls and banded Deadlifts. Was thinking 3 rounds in 4mins of the amrap might be slightly ahead of a repeatable pace for me but happy to hit similar scores each time.

A. Snatch pulls 3×3. Rest 2:00
(95,97.5,100kg. All felt good.)

B. Banded Deadlifts x 2,2,2,2,2,2. Rest 2:00
(130,130,132.5,132.5,135,135kg. Grip takes a hammering each time at the top of the pull but my back has been feeling stronger the last couple weeks so happy enough with it.)

Video shows sets 1,3&5:

4min amrap:
30 x DU
15 x power snatch @ 35kg
Rest 4mins
:3 sets

1. 2 rounds+34
2. 2 rounds+34
3. 2 rounds+30

(Felt ok throughout. DU’s were better than recent workouts. Power snatches were paced ok but couldn’t keep sets of more than 5 at a time after the first set of 8+7. Happy with consistent scoring anyway.)

Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

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