July 23rd

7- felt ok going into today’s session, was looking forward to the pause jerks but not the 2k row. Still have quite a mental block around that distance on the rower. Decided to give a slightly different approach a try on the row to see if it made a difference.

A. Pause split jerk max:
(60,70,80,90,95,100,103,106 miss, 106 miss, 106kg. Hadn’t thought much about what to aim for on this so built up slowly on it. After 90kg it felt really good so pushed on. Missed 106kg twice out in front but knew I could make it so hit it a third time and made it fine. Left it there happy enough.)

B. 2k row for time: 7:21
(Decided to try a higher stroke count on this as I never feel like I’m making progress here. Instead of a stroke count of 21-23 I went 27-30. Found it actually more comfortable than I expected and was ahead of 7:20 pace after the first 500m but fell away from 1200-800m and then couldn’t make up the ground on the last 500m at a higher stroke count again. In one way I feel like I made an improvement on this compared to last time. My time was pretty much the exact same but I feel like my tolerance for this has improved and my recovery afterwards was much faster than before. Was a bit pissed off that I didn’t go sub 7:20 but happy that I found it more tolerable.)


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