July 25th

7- went into today’s workout looking forward to working up to a max snatch as usual but never felt like I got going. Missed 76kg early on in my build sets which pissed me off, I made it afterwards and then made 81 and 85 before trying 88 which I missed last week but missed it again. Don’t know why but it really put me in bad form for the rest of the session. Really feel like I should be snatching 92-95kg at this stage considering all the work I’ve put in but I know it’ll come in time. Time wise I got really stuck today and had to finish up after the first OHS/muscle up metcon. I coach 2 groups on Friday evenings and my session took over 2 hours so I had to leave to get food and shower before the evening groups started. Going to have to look into my schedule again to create more time for this volume of training, on some days im getting stuck and am struggling to get everything done. The heat and humidity here isn’t helping at the moment either.

A. Snatch:
(40,50,60,70,76 miss,76,81,85,88 miss. Pissed off to miss 88 again. Need to work on better increases, possibly not getting my CNS warmed up properly and ready to make those increases.)

B. Deadlift x 5,3,5,3,1. Rest 2:30
(140,145,142,147,155kg. Felt ok, back feels good recently. 155kg went up fine, still a way off any weight worth talking about but it’s the heaviest I’ve gotten up to this year for a heavy ish single. Happy with how it felt.)

C. Hang power snatch x 3 @ 50kg. Amrap unbroken reps in 90s. Rest 3:00. 3 sets
1. 4
2. 5
3. 5
(Wasn’t sure how to pace this, the first set was rubbish so pushed harder on the next 2 sets.)

6 to 1 reps of:
70kg OHS
Muscle ups
(8:56. Enjoyed it and was happy enough with sub 9mins, initially was thinking 6-7mins, after the first 2 sets though I knew it would be longer. Was really looking forward to this as I enjoy both of these movements but 2 sets of it with the rest period between would have had me training for nearly 3 hours and I wouldn’t have had time to eat or shower before my evening groups so I had to bail after the first set. I’ll figure it out on these higher volume days, just need to plan ahead and start warming up earlier.)

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