July 26th

8- felt pretty good today. Ate well and atmosphere in the gym after the morning groups was great. Enjoyed the whole session but still took me about 2 and half hours to complete it.

A. Pause split jerk x 2,2,2,2,2. Rest 2:00
(90,95,98,100,102kg. Felt really good. Find these have really helped my footwork and put much more of an emphasis on the leg drive up on the barbell.)

B. Behind the neck strict press 5×1-2. Rest 2:00
(45,47,50,52,55kg. Felt ok. Harder than I thought, I expected to be over 60kg for doubles but couldn’t push that high.)

Video shows 50,52,55kg:

C1: wide grip L-pull ups amrap. Rest 30s
(10,9,8,7,7. All felt pretty good, happy with them)
C2: amrap strict HSPU in 2mins. Rest 90s. 5 sets
(20,16,14,14,12. Felt like I should’ve hit higher reps but happy enough overall)

Video shows set 1:

10 x tng DL @ 115kg
10 x bar facing burpees
30 x DU
:Rest as needed to full recovery
:5 sets


(Felt good throughout, took about 3mins after each set for full recovery. Deadlifts no problem and DU’s were ok. Enjoyed it.)

Set 1:

Set 3:

Set 5:

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