July 28th

8- felt really good going into today’s session. Well rested over the weekend and was really looking forward to training.

A. Tng squat snatch x 3,3,2,2. Rest 2:00.
(65,70,75,80kg. Felt really good warming up and hit 60 x 3 tng no problem so I decided to take some bigger jumps each set. 70kg was no problem x 3 then 75 x 2 felt great so I decided to give 80kg a shot. It felt like the best set of them all. Considered going on and trying to hit a heavy single as I felt so good but I reconsidered and moved on to the weighted pull ups. Really happy with the 80 x 2 though. Felt like I could’ve hit 82-85 x 2.)

B. Weighted pull up cluster x 3.2.1. Rest 30s/2:00. 5 sets
(All sets @ 32,36,40kg. Was tough to get chin over for the last 2 sets on the 40kg but happy enough.)

2-4-6-8-6-4-2 reps of:
60kg thrusters
CTB pull ups
30″ box jumps
(8:44. Felt ok throughout, all movements were fine but lungs caught up with me by the set of 8. Happy enough with it though.)

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