July 30th

8- felt great today, well recovered after yesterday’s session.

A. 54 x strict HSPU for time.

6:55. Took longer than I expected, had thought around 5mins was going to be doable but the last 10-15 reps took more out of me than I thought they would. Rep scheme went like this:
2 x 5 reps
2 x 4
4 x 3
7 x 2
10 x 1

The 10 singles at the end were pretty much the hardest reps as my shoulders were near failure. No missed reps though so happy enough.

B. Row sprint 350m @ 90-95%. Rest 4-6mins. 6 sets

1. 1:11.5
2. 1:11.1
3. 1:11.8
4. 1:10.9
5. 1:10.3
6. 1:10.4

Stroke count was 35-38 s/m each set. Happy enough with the consistency of each set.

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