August 2nd

8- great energy in the gym today, busy groups before I trained and had a few training partners today which helped as it was a long session.

A. Pause split jerk x 2,2,2,1,1,1. Rest 2:00
(95,100,102.5,105,107.5,110kg PR. Felt great on all these again. Went for 112.5kg but missed it, happy with 110kg though. Footwork feels great.)

B. Bench press x 5,5,5. Rest 2:00.
(80,82.5,82.5kg. Felt good, was work but didn’t push it any higher as knew what was coming next.)

C1: amrap wide grip L-pull ups. Rest 30s
Amrap strict HSPU x 2mins. Rest 90s.
:6 sets

1. 11+21
2. 10+18
3. 8+17
4. 7+15
5. 6+14
6. 6+12

(Felt good, L-pull ups were fine and HSPU’s good but tough towards the last couple sets)

Set 1:

Set 6:

6 rounds for time:
10 x thrusters @ 50kg
10 x bar facing burpees
(Goal is same pace per round)

1. 1:25
2. 1:30
3. 1:26
4. 1:27
5. 1:26
6. 1:22

Thrusters all felt good, paced them to stay unbroken and paced the burpees slow afterwards. Took 30-45s between each set to make sure I stayed unbroken and kept similar pacing.

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