August 5th

6/7- didn’t feel as fresh today going into the session, was a little sluggish starting out. Snatch pulls and based Deadlifts felt fine but wasn’t sure how the retest of 14.1 was going to go. Ended up beating my previous score by 2 snatches which is progress I guess but felt like I should’ve beaten it by much more. Over 6 rounds was my target but my double unders let me down again, just can’t seem to get go unbroken when it matters most.

A. Snatch pulls x 2,2,1,1. Rest 2:00
(107.5, 110, 112.5, 115kg. Felt fine, back feels good)

B. Banded Deadlifts x 3 EMOM x 12mins.
(Increased by 2.5kg from last week to 102.5kg. All felt good, back feels much better recently)

Video shows sets 1,7&12:

Open workout 14.1:
5 rounds+37 reps: 262 reps. 2 rep increase on last time. An increase is progress but still think I should’ve broken 6 rounds here. Double unders weren’t consistent enough to give me more time on the barbell. Changed to single reps after 3 rounds to save my arms from the eccentrics of lowering the bar, felt like I could move through the 15 reps better than doing 3 sets of 5 tng reps with 5s rest periods. Lungs were pretty pasted at the end but recovered fast enough.

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