August 6th

8- felt good today, lower back was a little tired last night so got a session on it with my physical therapist after the 5k row. Just needed a small bit of work but I’ll be getting treatments for the next few weeks to stay on top of things.

A. 5km row. Each 500m must be faster than the previous one.
(20:59.6. Planned out each 500m interval so that I would finish the last one @ a 1:45 pace. Intervals went like this:
5000-4500m: 2:17-2:20
4500-4000m: 2:15
4000-3500m: 2:12
3500-3000m: 2:10
3000-2500m: 2:05-2:07
2500-2000m: 2:02-2:05
2000-1500m: 2:00-2:02
1500-1000m: 1:57-2:00
1000-500m: 1:54-1:57
500m-0m: 1:45-1:50

Average stroke count went from 23 for the first 4000m to 31 for the last 1000m.
Felt great after, enjoyed it.

Got some massage work on my right glute medius and left QL to try balance things out for me, felt great after.

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