August 11th

8- felt good going into the session but my shoulders still weren’t 100% recovered after Saturdays session. My neck was also tight on rotation to the right, an old facet lock issue that flares up every once in a while but was fine to train. Wasn’t sure how the snatches were going to feel but once I got warmed up I felt great. Ended hitting 82kg for a tng double, felt really good though so then decided to go for 85kg and hit that too. A 5kg PR, I was delighted with it.

A. Tng squat snatch x 4,4,2,2,2. Rest 2:00
(70,75,80,82,85 PR. Felt great on all snatches. The 2nd rep on the 85kg double wasn’t the cleanest rep but il take it today. If I can feel that good on a heavy single day I think I can push for that 92-95kg PR.)

B. Weighted pull up clusters 5.3.1×5; rest 30 sec/rest 2 min
(All sets @ 32kg. Missed one rep on the final set on the 3 rep but felt strong throughout.)

Set 1:

6 rounds for time:
15 thrusters 95#
10 strict pull ups
200m run
(22:27. Found this volume of thrusters tough going. Not weight wise but just the volume of thrusters. After set 1 unbroken I hit all thrusters in sets of 5 and pull ups in mini sets of 4,3,3. The run was a breather but couldn’t push, just viewed it as a steady aerobic session.)

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