August 15th

7- little tired going into today’s session. Similar to last Fridays session. Snatches were way off. Ended up only being able to get half the session done because of time. Frustrating day.

A. Snatch 5 x 1 @ 92%: 85kg.
(40,50,60,70,80,85kg. Probably should’ve taken longer to build up to 85kg but I was tight on time and saw how much had to be done in the session. Ended up missing the first attempt at 85kg…and the next. Ended up taking 13 attempts to make 5 snatches. I only have 4 of the made snatches in the video as the 5th was a disgusting rep. Really frustrating as Monday felt so good.)

B. Clean grip DL x 2,1,2,1. Rest 2:30.
(132,137,135,140kg. All felt fine but at this stage I was 2 hours into the session and had to pack up and get food before my evening sessions. Frustrating session overall.)

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