August 19th

8- felt great today. Deficit snatch DL’s felt strong and handstand walking was an improvement again. Didn’t push hard on the conditioning piece at the end but kept moving throughout.

A. Deficit snatch grip DL x 2-3 @ 21X1. Rest 2:00. 5 sets
(107.5,107.5,110,110,112.5kg. Felt good. My backs definitely feeling stronger recently.)

B. Handstand walk tech work x 15mins.
(Feeling stronger every time I practice these. Made 25/26 feet on the last attempt so very happy with that. Going to keep working on shoulder taps and lateral walking along the wall to spend more time on my hands instead of kicking up and just falling down on every second attempt.)

C1. Hollow body rocks; amsap unbroken x5; rest 1 min
(Hit 60s each time on these, abs were working very hard by the last set)
C2. Swivel hips; 20 reps x5; rest 1 min
(Found these tough in my hips at the start but better as I went along)

For time:
30 power snatch 95#
Row 1k
30 power snatch 95#
(11:40. Stayed steady throughout, didn’t push hard on it. Sets of 5 power snatches every time with 5 secs off between. Tng reps for 2 sets to start with then singles. Row was 4:00 then same for the second set of 30 power snatches. Finished with 5 tng reps. Enjoyed it.)

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