August 22nd

7- felt a little flat going into today’s session. Legs were still a little heavy from the 5k run I think. Snatches were better than the last few Fridays though.

A. Squat snatch; 8 singles @85+% 1rm; rest 2 min
(77,77,80,80,82,82,82,82kg. Felt good after 2 singles @ 77 so hit the next 2 @ 80kg. They felt good as well so went up to 82kg for the last 4 reps. Missed one rep but was a lot better than the last few Friday sessions. Still took me a long time to get through all my warm up sets.)

B. Deadlift clusters 2.2.2×5; rest 30 seconds/rest 3 min (reset at the
bottom of each rep)
(All sets @ 135kg. Back felt good.)

C. Weighted static sorensen hold; amsap unbroken x4; rest 2 min
(By the time I got through the Deadlifts I had to skip this and move onto the thruster/power snatch piece as I was tight on time. Fridays sessions recently have just been too long for me to get through before I have to get ready for coaching. I’ll hopefully get that sorted soon.)
7 sets:
7 unbroken thruster 50kg
7 unbroken power snatch 37kg
(rest as needed to full recovery)
1. 45s
2. 41s
3. 43s
4. 40s
5. 41s
6. 42s
7. 42s
(Took 90s-2:00 between each set. All felt fine.)

Video shows sets 1&7:

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