August 23rd

8- felt great today. Was looking forward to the different gymnastic practice.

A. Pause push press; 5, 4, 3, 2, 1; rest 2 min
(65,70,75,80,85kg. Should’ve started at 70kg in hindsight as I could’ve done more but I’ll know for the next time.)

B. Single bar dips; accumulate 30 perfect reps
(6 sets of 5 reps with 30-45s off each time. Haven’t played around with bar muscle ups in a long time as well so was surprised they felt so easy to jump straight up into before going into the dip. Tried to go down as deep as I could on each bar dip, made sure the bar was just below my chest each time. Felt good, enjoyed the practice.)

C1. Wall facing shoulder taps; amrap unbroken x3; rest 1 min
(16,18,20. Better than I expected, really enjoyed them too)
C2. Bulgarian pull ups (video attached); accumulate 15 reps x3; rest 1 min
(3 sets of 5 each time with 15-20s rest. Enjoyed the change)

Row 1k @85-90%
rest 1 min

1. 3:54
2. 3:58
3. 3:55

(Kept the pace around 1:50-1:58 on each. Felt fine with the 1:00 rest periods.)

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