August 25th

7- felt flat today going into the session. Snatches weren’t bad but front squats felt heavy and metcon was a lot slower than I expected, had no go about me.

A. Squat snatch; 10 singles @80% 1rm – 75kg; rest 2 min
(2 missed reps. Not the worst but didn’t felt as solid as I have the last 3 Monday sessions after the weekend.)

B. Front squat; build to a 3rm (all reps must be completed within six
seconds to increase in weight)
(105kg. Could’ve gone heavier but wouldn’t have been able to stay within the 6s time.)

C. Bulgarian ring rows; amrap unbroken @2012 x5; rest 2 min

For time:
30 squat clean @ 84kg
60 ohs @ 42.5kg
90 wall balls

(27:26. Took much longer than I expected. 12:29 for the 30 squat cleans. Then 6:31 for the 60 x OHS. Then 8:26 for the wall ball. My lungs weren’t an issue really, was more my quads after the cleans. I just felt very flat overall and couldn’t really get going.)

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