August 27th

8- felt good today. Quads a little tender after Monday still though.

A. Snatch pulls; 5×5; rest 2 min
(All sets @ 100kg. Felt good.)

B. HS walk tech work 15 min
(Spent the full 15mins practicing kicking up and holding a free standing handstand. Then at the end I went for a few max walk attempts and ended up hitting 8 mats which is pretty much 33feet a big PR. Felt really good.)

C. Negative body levers; accumulate 15 perfect reps not for time
(ensure hollow body through full range of motion and slow tempo down)
(Found these tough so did 5 sets of 3 with about a minute rest between each set. Abs were really working hard to keep the tempo slow. Felt great though.)

For time:
30 power snatch 95#
Row 1k
30 power snatch 95#
(10:30. 1:10 faster than last time. Just focused on fast singles instead of tng reps. Kept the row the exact same as last time but moved through the power snatches with kess stoppages. Felt much better than I thought.)

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