September 5th

8- felt pretty good today. Enjoyed the whole session, the different gymnastic practice feels like it’s paying off anyway.

A. Pause push press; 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1; rest 2 min
(77.5/82.5/87.5/80/85/90kg. All felt pretty good, 90kg is only 2kg off my 1RM so definitely feel like I have a new PR in me there soon)

B. Single bar dips; accumulate 40 perfect reps
(5/10/10/10/5. Working on staying taller in the dip but it’s tougher than I thought. Enjoy the different movement though.)

Video shows first set of 10:

C1. Wall facing shoulder taps; amrap unbroken x4; rest 1 min
(16/16/16/16. Feeling stronger in this position already.)

C2. Bulgarian pull ups; accumulate 15 reps x4; rest 1 min
(Same as the shoulder taps, feel stronger in the movement already.)

Row 1k @85-90%
rest 1 min

1. 3:57
2. 3:57.8
3. 4:00
4. 4:01

(First 2 felt good, second 2 were tougher to recover from but still ok.)

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