September 15th

8- felt good enough going into the session. Snatches felt great but front squat wasn’t too good. Knew I wasn’t going to hit a PR as I’ve only ever made solid squatting gains while squatting regularly and on much more of a linear format. Still happy enough after a break to hit 95% though.

A. Squat snatch; 10 singles @83% 1rm- 76kg; rest 2 min
(All felt good, one silly miss but other than all good)

B. Front squat; build to a max: 120kg
(Like I said above, I wasn’t expecting much but happy enough with 120kg. Went for 125kg but kmew as soon as I started the squat that I wasn’t coming back up with it. PR is 126kg but haven’t hit that in nearly 2 years.)

C. Amrap sets of 3 unbroken hang squat clean 65kg in 5 min: 10 sets
(Paced it for a set every 30secs, felt ok but couldn’t push much more)

D. Straight bar inverted hang; accumulate 2 min with perfect form
(Found this tougher than I thought. Had to do sets of 30s, 3 x 20s, 3 x 10s. Lats were tired by the end.)

E. Archer pull ups; accumulate 30 perfect reps (alt arms per rep)
(Had to break down to 5 sets of 6 reps with 30s between each set, lats were fried after)

F. 1 set amrap unbroken thrusters 42.5kg: 24 reps.
(Disappointed with this. Had thought I would break 30 reps but my lungs blew up after 20. Arms were fine and legs were tired but could’ve continued. It was a long enough session for first day back so was tired and just couldn’t push on further.)

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