7- felt tired today. Not sure why. Everything up to the metcon was fine but my lungs were non existent, the metcon was walking pace, couldn’t catch my breath at all. Was pretty pissed off but I’m taking it as first week back after a break and I’ll be grand in a couple weeks of hard work.

A. Squat snatch; tech work 15-20 min @moderate-heavy loads
– Muscle snatch x 3+OHS x 3 @ 40kg. 3 sets
– halting snatch work @ 40,50,60kg.

– snatch doubles @ 60,65,70kg

B. Box squat; 3×3; rest 2 min
– 100,105,110kg. Felt ok.

C. Clean grip deadlift; build to a tough triple
– worked up to 135kg. Felt fine.

Video shows 120,130,135kg:

D. shoulder bridge leg curls; @41×1; amrap unbroken x5; rest 90 seconds
(Wasn’t sure what you meant here or how you wanted me to do them- on a sliding pad, foam roller, disc etc?)
3 rounds for time:
25 KBS 2 pood
50 wall balls
(19:00. Pretty disappointed with how I felt throughout it. My lungs felt really heavy from the first set of swings and after that I couldn’t move continuously at all. Took far too much rest between each set of wall balls, legs and arms were fine, lungs were just trashed.)

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