September 20th

7- felt a bit tired throughout the session. Good bit of lower body soreness from yesterday’s session too.

A1. Wall facing static hs hold; amsap unbroken; rest 1 min
A2. Assisted german hangs; 30 seconds; rest 1 min
A3. Push jerk; 10 light tng reps @ 40kg; rest 1 min
:5 sets

– all fine throughout. Handstand holds were 30-40s.

B. Negative bar muscle ups; 15 slow controlled reps not for time

– found these quite tough on my shoulders, not very slow once I got down to the bottom of the bar dip. Found it tough to control through the negative turnover.

C1. HS walk tech work 3 min x3; rest 1 min
C2. Wide grip behind the neck pull ups; accumulate 15 reps; rest 1 min
:3 sets

– handstand walks were 10-20 feet each attempt. Feel good on these and in free standing handstands. Wide grip BTN pull ups were tougher than I thought, more to do with ROM than strength in the movement, shoulder felt tight.
Row 15 min easy: 3509m. Comfortable enough.

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