October 3rd

8- felt pretty good going into the session. Had a few interruptions during it so took me nearly 2hrs 45mins. Was tough by the end but enjoyable.

A. Push jerk; 5×5; rest 2 min
(80,85,87.5,90,90kg. All felt good. Should’ve started heavier.)

B1. Bench press; 6×6; rest 1 min
(70,75,77.5,80,80,80kg. Felt good.)

B2. Bent over barbell rows; 6-8×6; rest 2 min
(60,65,65,65,65kg. Felt good.)

Video shows final set:

C1. Single bar inverted hang; accumulate 45 sec x4; rest 1 min
(45s/30+15s/30+15s/45s. Tough going on mid section and upper traps)

C2. Wall facing hs hold; accumulate 90 sec x4; rest 2 min
(45+45s for every set. Tough on mid section and triceps by the end)

Video shows set 1:

15 burpees AFAP
15 toes to bar
rest 3 min
x5 sets

1. 1:03 (t2b 15 unbroken)
2. 1:27 (8,4,3)
3. 1:38 (5,4,3,3)
4. 1:50 (5,3,3,2,2)
5. 1:50 (5,3,3,2,1,1)

First set was fine. After that my made section found it tough to do more than triples on the t2b. Grip was fine and shoulders fine, just mid section fatigued. Good session though)

Video shows sets 1&5:

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