October 6th

8- felt good going into today’s session but shoulders felt a little tight. Spent some time using the crossover symmetry trying to loosen out before the split jerks but just didn’t feel strong overhead going for a max.

A. Split jerk; build to a max
(40,60,80,90,100,105,110,115 miss,115 miss. Disappointed as I wanted to attempt 120 today but 115 just wouldn’t go so left it there. I’ll get it again)

B. CTB pull up; 5 on the 30 seconds for 8 sets
(All felt fine. Hit every block of 5 in 7s.)

C1. Wall facing static hs hold; accumulate 90 seconds x4; rest 90 seconds
(All sets done with 50+40s holds. Tough by the last set)

C2. 90-90 isometric pull up hold; accumulate 1 min x4; rest 3 min
(First 3 sets done with 30+30s holds. Last set was 3 x 20s holds. Forearms were uncontrollably shaking by the end!)

D. single leg tucked front lever eccentrics; accumulate 10 slow
controlled reps per side not for time.
(Tough after the 90-90 holds but got thru them in 10 doubles. Still need lots of work)
30 seconds max reps double unders
30 seconds max reps burpees
30 seconds max meters rowing
rest 3 min

All unbroken DU’s, they felt great. No problems keeping consistent scoring throughout.
Set 1: 47/10/158m
Set 2: 48/10/142m
Set 3: 50/10/143m

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