October 7th

8- woke up with a bit of a head cold and runny nose but felt fine during the session. Completed 3 rounds and one extra set of farmers walks.

Round 1: 12:00
Round 2: 13:20
Round 3: 14:00

40 min amrap:
200 foot farmers walk @ 2 x 32KB per hand (felt fine)
1 min hollow body rock (felt fine)
30 foot hs walk (all 3 sets unbroken, felt very comfortable)
1 min arch body rock (felt fine)
400m run (no problems, lungs felt good)
10 box jump step down @ 24″ (no problems)
30 seconds side plank/side on hand (felt fine)
50 double unders (1 set unbroken, other sets small break in sets but otherwise fine)
Airdyne 10 calories (fine)
200 foot overhead barbell carry @ 60kg (2 sets unbroken,1st set I dumped halfway by mistake)
30 foot bear crawl (fine)
30 foot crab walk (awkward but fine)

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